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A Simple Palpatory Method With Which You Can Diagnose Your Patient In Just Seconds

What our students say

The Neoclassical system, developed by Dr. Burris is based on ancient Chinese texts but with clear differences from the techniques commonly taught here in North America. Dr. Burris has developed a system with which almost all patients see drastic decrease in symptomatic complaints from the moment of needle insertion.

Andres B. Mexico City

Teaching is amazing! The energy of the lecturer is transmitted through the screen! This is happiness and a real discovery. I have been studying TCM for 14 years in various schools; Tan and Tung styles were also serious breakthroughs for my practice, but what I saw in this training was unbelievable! I understand what the highest professionalism is behind all this and that simplicity here is also a reflection deep knowledge and skills that our teacher possesses. This course is a real treasure and this unique knowledge is presented with great love.

S.K., Russia

The system is marvellous, the teacher one of a kind, the results are beyond surprising! I’m so happy!

Andrea A. Mexico City

Slate’s method, with its instant feedback, has turned everything upside down. Work with the patients has become alive and inspiring! I fell in love with acupuncture even more! Huge gratitude organizers of training for the opportunity to gain knowledge at first hand such a great master as Slate

Allen T., Russia

This is an original system and extremely effective. The course is the creme of acupuncture without a bunch of beating around the bush. Students get a shift in paradigm of what they previously thought of acupuncture. With this training my life has taken an enormous turn.

Gina I. Monterrey, Mexico